UDAP Pepper Power Bear Spray Repellant


Stop an angry, charging bear with this amazingly effective deterrent. UDAP Bear Spray has been proven effective in dozens of bear attacks. During a bow-hunt over a decade ago, Mark Matheny was attacked by a grizzly bear and suffered numerous bite lacerations in the head and neck. Mark’s wounds would have been much worse, if not fatal, had it not been for a burst from a pepper spray that ended the attack. Mark’s experience changed his life. Since then, he has dedicated himself to improving a product designed to safeguard people against maulings, and to help them coexist with wildlife.

The result is this spray, which consists of a super-hot, oil-based formula that instantly affects eye, nose and lung tissue to stop a charge. This formula is non-lethal, EPA registered and tested to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. It also is equipped with a quick release safety cap. A hip holster is included. Spray canister is 7.9 ounces.

This product is 30% hotter than Guard Alaska

This product sprays 30% farther than Guard Alaska

Hottest Bear Spray Formula

Most Powerful Bear Spray Fog

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