Emergency Survival Solar Crank Radio Phone Charger


Never needs batteries! This hand crank solar digital radio is the prefect multi-function survival accessory.
The built-in battery is charged by both the hand crank and solar panel.
Compact and lightweight design is great for adventure travel.

Charges Cell Phone, MP3, MP4, Amazon Kindle, IPhone, IPad, IPod, or other USB devices with mini, micro, or standard USB Jack.

* Multi-band tuner with AM, FM, WB (7 Channel NOAA)
* 3-LED super bright push button flashlight
* USB cell phone/iPhone/iPad/iPod/Amazon Kindle/Smartphones/MP3 charger
* Built-in Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (Customer Replaceable)
* Large solar panel for optima recharging
* High-quality dynamic speaker
* 3-way powered (no addtional Batteries required):
1) Dynamo Hand Crank Charging
2) Solar power Charging
3) USB Charging, cord (included)

Dimension: 160 x 70 x 43 mm or 6.3 x 2.8 x 1.7 inches
Weight: 12 oz
Max consumption power: 1W
Playing Frequency (Digital Tuning)
* AM: 520~1710KHz
* FM: 87~108MHz
* WB: 1)162.400Mhz, 2)162.425Mhz, 3)162.450Mhz, 4)162.475Mhz, 5)162.500Mhz, 6)162.525Mhz, 7)162.550Mhz
Work Voltage: 2.7V~4.2V Inside Battery: AAA800mAh/3.6V Ni-MH
Battery Life Time: >3 years(daily average use of 3 hours)
Battery Recylce: >500times
Included Accessories: DC cable, USB Cable, and 4 adaptors: standard USB, mini USB, micro USB, 30 pin Apple jack

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